The students of the Promotion 2014 - 2018, defended yesterday their Final Degree Project and celebrated their graduation with friends and family.

The second prize went to Marta Ybez, with her collection 'Terribilitá'.

In this second edition, the event moves to the Quinta Alegre palace, where the haute couture proposals of creators linked to the city will parade. The space is also the place chosen for the celebration of the I Contest of Young Designers within this platform, which once again pursues the national...

Fran is wandering from one place to another without knowing what to do, looking for something that motivates him. One day, when he least expects it, he sees something that catches his attention. It follows him and ends at ESADA's premises... what he finds inside will change his life.

The agency will visit ESADA next Wednesday, April 25 to offer their knowledge to third-year students of all degrees.

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